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LUXAFLEX Evo Pivot Awnings are designed with the modern home in mind. Functional and compact using clean, sophisticated lines, LUXAFLEX Evo Pivot Awnings provided maximum protection while complementing the contemporary design features of your home.

Many of our clients choose the Evo Pivot when searching for a window finishing that will compliment their homes’ natural architectural appearance. Whether you are looking for a cable guide for maximum view, or a blockout channel, the Evo Pivot comes in range of styles to suit your application.

Constructed using strengthened stainless steel, the awning fabric will remain stable during high winds. The added feature of the Evo Pivot is that it is not fixed to the window allowing you to control airflow into your home, which is especially important in the warmer months.

Evo Pivot Awnings come with a number of accessories including:

  • The Luxaflex Tempo 100 SD offers a great range of accessories allowing you to customise the awning to your requirements.
  • Hold Down Clip, which is a newly engineered design that allows you to strap the awning down when the Evo Pivot is fully extended. This is a great option in high wind areas as it minimises fabric “ballooning” and keeps the fabric flat and taught.
  • Stainless Accessories make this product an ideal solution for people living in the Wollongong and greater Illawarra region.
  • The hood, which helps protect the fabric when the awning is retracted while also providing an eave over windows providing additional shade protection.

Speak with one of our design consultants to see if an Evo Pivot Awning can make a Suttle enhancement to your home.


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