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Garda Awnings

GARDA Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings Control the Elements

Be as comfortable outdoors as you are inside your home. Suttle Shades features the incomparable line of Luxaflex® folding arm awnings. Shade both you and your home from the intense heat of the sun and also stay dry during a downpour; folding arm awnings give you power over nature when you need it the most.
A close look at Luxaflex® folding arm awnings will reveal that they boast the finest German engineering and are built to stand up to the harshest climate conditions Australia can hand out. Most are corrosion resistant and even salt spray tested so homeowners near the ocean can enjoy them with complete confidence.

Easy-to-use and Durable Folding Arm Awnings

How many times have you been driven inside by the unbearable heat of the direct sun? Further, as the sun beats down on your home, how has it caused your paint to fade and crack and how much has it increased your cooling costs? The addition of a beautiful folding arm awning in the ideal designer colour is the perfect solution to these problems.
The right folding arm awning installed by Suttle Shades allows you to reclaim areas of your yard and greatly extend your living area while preserving the view from inside your home. Advanced designs and new joining technology make the Luxaflex® Contemporary Series of folding arm awnings perfect for areas up to an impressive 13 metres wide and 4 metres deep.

Corrosion-resistant and Salt-spray-tested Folding Arm Awnings

Today’s folding arm awnings feature innovative designs, the best materials and appealing options, including:

Luxaflex Folding arm awning – garda

  • Heating systems to keep you and your guests warm on those cool evenings,
  • Lighting systems to let you extend your time outside,
  • Efficient cranking mechanisms so you can easily project and retract your awning,
  • Available motorised extension and retraction for the ultimate ease,
  • Heavy duty construction that eliminates the need for a centre support,
  • Powder coated hardware for the highest level of protection, and
  • Designer colour fabrics that complement any exterior look.

You need to see these awnings to truly appreciate their quality and value. Contact Suttle Shades today to learn more.

Models and options

The Ventura Folding Arm Awning offers the very best in the Open Style awning market. Available with a wide range of accessories this model can be customised to suit almost any situation. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.

Garda Semi-Cassette
Designed in a beautiful oval shape, this awning suits modern architectural design curves. Featuring a range of accessories, you can upgrade the Garda Folding Arm Awning for maximum functionality. Utilising simple square bar installation, this product is easy to fit in a variety of different locations.

Como Full-Cassette
Designed in a simple, non obtrusive, rounded rectangle design, this retractable outdoor awning suits almost any home style. The Como Folding Arm Awning represents the top level of Folding Arm Awning luxury and when the awning is fully retracted all hardware and fabric is concealed in side the casement, giving a neat, clean look.


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