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There remain plenty of ways you can modify your home to create that luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere. Window coverings continue to influence the final appearance of your home however often they are overlooked as part of your homes décor planning. At Suttle Shades, we understand that there are times when you are seeking a final touch, or a window covering that will subtly enhance on your home’s current theme. If you’ve been searching for shades that boast an air of understated sophistication, look no further than the versatile and luminette privacy sheers.

Privacy Sheers are the perfect product to meet these needs. Primarily suited to large windows and doors, privacy sheers may be drawn open like traditional curtains with the use of a cord. They provide the widest range of light control, with a sheer fabric to allow light in and fabric vanes, which rotate to keep light out.

The luminette privacy sheers have a distinctive 89mm vane. This classic fabric ensures a greater view to the outside.

At Suttle Shades, you’ll be able to select a finishing from a variety of soft sheer shades to suit your budget, whether you prefer a contemporary setting or a traditional style.


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