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Elegant SoftShades

LUXAFLEX® Pirouette® Shadings provide softly curved, elegant horizontal fabric vanes attached to a sheer backing for an enhanced way of controlling light and privacy.

Distinctive Fabric Ranges

The Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings Fabric Collection offers 7 distinctly unique fabric ranges – Satin, Linen, Satin Metallic, Angelica, Bamboo Flax, Cotton and Shantung.

The fabric ranges feature traditional, modern and fashion forward colour palettes ranging from warm, subdued hues and natural, earthen shades to vivacious, daring tones.

Unique Design

Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings provide refined features with innovative design that creates a window covering solution like no other.

The soft, horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing allow for enhanced views to the outdoors and full beauty of the fabric’s appearance on the inside. The sheer backing also reduces glare and filters harmful UV rays.

Impressive Benefits

The revolutionary and patented Invisi-Lift System suspends the shadings’ soft vanes for variable light control, allowing them to be raised and lowered without obstructing the view.

Versatile Functionality

To finish your look with uninterrupted colour and texture, a matching fabric-covered headrail and bottom rail is standard on all Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings.

Operating Systems

Providing convenient control and enhanced child safety, the lifting systems available with Luxaflex Pirouette Shadings are unique and innovative.


EasyRise features a continuous cord loop system for easy operation no matter the size of the shadings.

The cord tensioner is mounted to the frame for enhanced child safety.


The Ultraglide® Operating System features a retractable pull cord system that remains at the same length whether the shading is raised or lowered.

The single cord operation means enhanced child safety.

PowerRise with Platinum Technology

PowerRise with Platinum Technology provides touch-of-a-button operation for precise light control, privacy and enhanced child safety.

Choose among a hand-held remote or wireless wall switch.

100mm Vane Size

Provides a classic, understated look with admirable view through.

120mm Vane Size

Makes a bold statement and creates a dramatic look for any window, while providing a first-rate view through.


Translucent fabric vanes filter ambient sunlight, even when the vanes are closed, to provide a warm glow in any room.

Room darkening

Room Darkening fabric vanes help darken your room and provide complete privacy without total darkness.

Note: this is not a blockout product. A warm glow will filter between each vane.

This silky fabric has a smooth, consistent pattern and a dense, rich weave, giving the Satin fabric range a contemporary and sophisticated look with lustrous shine.

Satin Metallic
With an opulent twist on the Satin fabric range, Satin Metallic provides a luminous silver, gold or copper overlay to create an unexpected shimmer.

With a classic and timeless pattern of linen, in a variety of earthen-tone colours, the woven Linen fabric range is the ideal choice to accent windows with a natural texture.

Offering a luminescent sheen combined with the look of raw silk in bold hues, Shantung adds drama to any room.


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